To decide which keywords are the most appropriate for Georgia WhatsApp Number List our article, many journals recommend a selection from among those offered by a thesaurus., since it is a list or system of organization of scientific terms that standardizes knowledge and allows the indexing and Georgia WhatsApp Number List retrieval of information in catalogs and databases, making it easier for researchers to carry out effective bibliographic searches. Georgia WhatsApp Number List There are different thesauri, linked to different scientific fields, and with different relationships between their terms (semantic, hierarchical, etc.). In the field of Social Sciences, the best known Thesaurus and the one most recommended by scientific journals to their authors so that choose among your Georgia WhatsApp Number List proposals those terms that you want to reflect in your article is from UNESCO,

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which offers a controlled and structured list of terms for thematic analysis Georgia WhatsApp Number List and search of documents and publications in the fields of education, Georgia WhatsApp Number List culture, natural sciences, social and human sciences, communication and information. It is an expanded and updated list, available in a digital version in four languages, which reflects the evolution of the programs and Georgia WhatsApp Number List activities of this organization Most social science journals request the inclusion of 3 to 8 keywords in each article, and the Georgia WhatsApp Number List editorial board, in addition to the reviewers, pay special attention to the selected words,

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since they will be the ones that facilitate the reading of more Georgia WhatsApp Number List or fewer researchers, depending on their quality and precision. The magazine indicates in its regulations that 8 keywords or descriptors must be included in the articleGeorgia WhatsApp Number List for which it is advisable to use those that most of interest from those Georgia WhatsApp Number List collected in previously published articles. To end this post, it should be remembered that once our article is published, keywords also play a relevant role in dissemination through the main scientific networks , which we have previously referred to in whose section “Research Interests” and Researcha Gate in the “Topics” section, offer Georgia WhatsApp Number List a list of terms

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