The state-of-the-art CDP (Customer Data Platform) Zeotap has pressed. The market for companies’ data-driven strategy through more than 500 surveys of executives around the world.

In addition, a panel of experts made up of Tacho Orero. Director of Digital Transformation of the Editorial Unit, Rebecca Benarroch, Data Science Lead of Publicis Groupe Spain. Alberto Alonso, COO of BMind, has made interesting contributions on the results of the same, as well as on trends in the sector for the coming year.

About the Study the Data Secrets of Successful Marketers

Most brands will achieve the single view of the customer in their organizations by the end of 2022, although for many marketers the unification of multiple data sources that gives rise to the aforementioned single customer view continues to be a philippines mobile no challenge. challenge. In fact, for the 20% of those who currently lack such a unified registry. 99% of them plan to achieve it by the end of 2022.

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On the reasons for the rapid growth of the adoption of the single customer view. The elimination of third-party cookies by Google in 2023 stands out, among others. Because the removal of this key pillar for campaign personalization has meant that brands are quickly making up for it with a strong proprietary data strategy.

Regarding Practices Related to Data Management

It has been observed that the brands are achieving success in their digital strategies. Those that have already begun to make changes in their CDPs. In addition, these modifications are giving rise to differences of up to 39 percentage points with respect to those that have not done so.

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