Well, it is very important when choosing the colors that will make up our brand design. If the corporate color is not specified, there is a risk that the values ​​that are intended to be transmitted will be confused. It is important to define what color or colors are going to represent the company and not move from them too much. In other words, if we choose the colors red and green, we can play with their shades, but it is not a good idea to suddenly incorporate a different color: like yellow.

Typography: Like the colors, once we have chosen our brand typography, it is best not to vary it too much, since we could confuse the user. Typography will be a very distinctive stamp of our corporate image. Slogan: Some companies Armenia whatsapp number list don’t have it, but those that have used it have given their brand one more chance to be remembered forever. Do some phrases like: “Just Do It”, “Uncover happiness” or “Red Bull gives you wings” sound familiar to you?

Advertising Slogans to Good

If so, those brands have put their use. Applications: When designing the image you have to think about where those colors.  Logos and fonts are going to be used. For example, the image of social networks or the web.  As well as posters, signage and other applications must well in our company. Steps to build your brand design effectively Once we know what elements make up the design of our brand, we must get down to work to design our own. Before you jump into the pool.

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we recommend a series of steps that you can follow: How would you like your brand to be perceived?: This is the first question you should ask yourself, ask yourself how you would like others to see you, how users will remember you. If you want to be a more informal and friendly place, if on the contrary you are looking to project a serious and professional brand… This will also help you determine the colors and fonts, so it is important to start here. Study your audience and the competition.

We Design Our Brand

When , we want to cause a good impact on users, above that of the audience. Therefore, we must see how our competition is selling and what trends the audience we want to target likes. Set your tone of voice: Think back to when you first meet someone. Doesn’t the tone of voice he establishes to talk to you give.  You more clues than anything else about what the person is like? Well, it works the same with brands. If you establish a tone of voice: friendlier, more professional…

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