But don’t understand what it refers to? Well, it’s time for you to know its meaning since knowing what it is, why it occurs and how we can improve it will make our website more successful among users and will help us with the SEO positioning of our brand in Google. Would you like to know more then? Keep reading! Definition of bounce rate Bounce rate is a metric that shows how many users leave and enter your web page without visiting any other page or without clicking any button or link on the main page .

That is, how many people leave and enter the web page through the same place they entered without having consulted any other option. The time they spend reading that page is independent of this, whether they spend a single  Iceland whatsapp number list minute or 10 minutes, if they only stay on the main page of our website and do not go any further, the bounce rate or percentage will be the same. This aspect directly influences the SEO positioning that we have commented on in other posts on occasion and that, therefore, is related to Google, which is the main search engine in which our website will be positioned.

To Understand This, We Can Start

from the basis that Google is not capable of knowing. What is inside a web page, nor the content that.  We have written in it, much less if it is written in Spanish. Since Google is developed in English. Therefore, Google cannot know if the content on a platform is of higher or lower quality.  But uses users to determine the value and quality of the web page. For example, if we spend more time on a web page and. Do not leave as soon as we enter.  This will indicate to Google that the content.  That appears there is  by users and therefore.

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it will begin to position it higher or, at least. Keep it in the position you were in at the beginning. If, on the other hand, users leave our website as soon as they enter, this will indicate to Google that it does not contain terms related to the search that has been carried out, In fact, currently, and in relation to what we have just commented, a metric called Dwell Time is beginning to be talked about . With this metric, what Google calculates is the number of pages that it can show us through the interaction we make with it. For its study, it uses other metrics such as the CTR (number of clicks a link receives.

The Duration of the User’s Session

on the web and also, of course, the bounce time. How does the bounce rate affect my website? As we have already mentioned at the beginning of the post, the bounce rate is closely related to SEO positioning . Depending on the bounce rate we have, Google will position us higher or lower when someone searches for terms related to our web page . For example: If we have a digital marketing blog when users type “digital marketing” in Google, we will appear among the main links.

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