Not and go see why we do this So we forget intelligence and talent because we have as much as we have. Now have I as a teacher seen the traces of a talent Yes I have seen them many times. Do you know how many more times I’ve seen a talent do nothing DL I was almost sure. PR That is the talent itself becomes a boomerang. When you feel how good you can be because you are scared of how good you can be you prefer to do nothing. And I’ve seen incredibly good photographers come out of not just a job it’s not a matter of working hours or shooting hours. Through enjoyment through opening yourself through approach and you do.

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A Movie I Wouldn’t Be Fellini but I Would. Like to Be What Can I Tell You Now You Won’t Know. Them a Good Director. As Scola is or as Avati is. Dl Yes I Know Them Pr Good Director I Don’t Know Them Q Did. You Understand You Will Tell Me Scola Photo Background Removing Did Not Become Fellini. Does Not Matter. To Be a Good Photographer You Have Many Levels That You Can Follow. Be Strict With Yourself One Level. Have a Cultured Life Your Culture Not Your Education Culture Beware It Will Come Out in Your Pictures. Walker Evans Used to Say This. To Love What You Do to Want It to Protect It. These Are All Very Important and These Are Within Your Control. As for Cultivation Know That What I Refer to as Cultivation. Is Our Personal Education Not Degrees. I Mean the Way We Cultivate Ourselves. A Book We Read Because a Friend of Ours Told Us About. It and It is Great and Has Touched Us is Many Years of Study in Relation to a University.

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Have a master’s degree. I don’t see that the culture of the population has gone up. DL There is also a related question for this. We will look Singapore Lead at it in a little more detail. We live in the age of photography cheap good cameras and smartphones Q…sorry to interrupt you I didn’t answer something technically. The technique needs so much that it is not an obstacle to your creation. It doesn’t need more. All good photographers are good craftsmen in the sense that they know how to do what they do. If you need something more you will know. In general the technique is easy you have to know the technique well so that it doesn’t hinder you doesn’t bring you thoughts while you’re taking photos doubts. In this respect digital media has helped us. DL Now here you are making me ask a common trivial question.

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