The army during his administration. Meanwhile. from France with the publication of Le Monde. he considered that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador applies a “hyper presidency”. criticizing the alleged interference of the president in the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the National Institute of Transparency. Access to the Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI). In an article signed by its correspondent in Mexico. Frédéric Saliba. Le Monde recounts what López Obrador said about these two institutions in his morning conferences – which he described as “his ritual” – and took up his comments to the effect that the INAI is no longer necessary because the government is transparent.

And that the functions of the INE can be carried out by the Ministry of the Interior or a judicial body. Now it was Die Welt. from Germany In addition to the two previous criticisms from international newspapers. the German media outlet Die Welt pointed out that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has become increasingly “more autocratic.” Under the signature of the journalist Von Hildegard Stausberg. a specialist in Latin America. this morning the opinion article entitled “This messianism is incompatible with democracy” went viral.

Which Was Publish

On May 31 and in which it is ensured France whatsapp number list  López Obrador has a “messianic obsession”. Just three days before the largest elections in Mexico’s history take place. Die Welt underscored that the vote “is actually a kind of referendum on the Mexican president. who governs in an increasingly autocratic manner.” The journalist criticized that despite the fact that Mexico is five times the size of Germany. there is not a wide range of political forces. and that on the contrary. the elections have been reduced to those who are for or against the current Head of the federal executive. At stake more than the image President López is in his third year as ruler of Mexico. so the main assets he has are acceptance.


n his image and the reputation that he can obtain from the fulfill government commitments. but now AMLO’s image is at stake. especially now that he is facing elections that have been mark by violence and his participation -which many say is even illegal-. but beyond that. he breaks with all the principles of building a political image. In politics. the image is a resource. an instrument. a tool. a process and a method to access power; to compete for it; to exercise it and to preserve it. As a resource. instrument and tool. the political image must be use in a strategic. timely and efficient manner.

The Quality Of It Depends

Precisely on the power that it can generate. that is. on the influence. leadership. domain. privileges. distinctions. opportunities and loyal followers that it produces and all these concepts are not goods that can be obtain in a commercial or advertising way. And of course. this type of journalistic content frames the worst moment for the image of the president. Now read: Le Monde deals a new blow to the image of AMLO. Points out his attacks on the INE and the INAI A few days before the elections. The Economist describes AMLO as a danger to democracy Vitacilina takes advantage of the mention of AMLO with this execution.

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