Podcast ad revenue soared above $1 billion last year . Does it make sense to advertise or do listeners drop out en masse when they hear a commercial message? At big football matches or your favorite series, you don’t know how fast you have to zap away to avoid all the superfluous commercial breaks. Promotional messages are experienced as irritating in the traditional media. It’s different with podcasts. Listeners seem to understand that advertising is part of keeping it available for free and don’t zap away. The vast majority (80%) of listeners listen to (almost) the entire episode without skipping the ads . As a result, advertising remains interesting for makers with a large reach (at least about 10-20,000 listens per month).

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Also read: Launch your podcast in 4 steps, from SEO to promotion The increase in innovative functionalities (such as in Apple Podcast, Spotify, but also hosts such as Art19 and Podbean) make podcast advertisements easier to create Oman Phone Number place in episodes. An increase in advertisements in podcasts is expected again in the coming years. Trend 4: live podcasting More and more creators are streaming their shows live via YouTube Live, Twitch, StreamYard and Zoom, among others, or via their own podcast host, such as Podbean. Listeners can attend these live shows live. The number of live-streamed podcasts is expected to increase further in the coming years. Record podcast episode. Photo by Marleen Sahetapy Trend 5: big brands.

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It seems like everyone made their final decision for the audio market in 2021, including big players like Warner Bros. Animation and Disney Channel have also launched their first podcast. I expect that the number of brands that invest in podcasting will increase and the marketing budgets will increase in the coming years. Voice and therefore podcasting is only at the beginning. – Marketing Strategist Anne Quaars during Podcast Summit 2020 Trend 6: cross references One of the most successful strategies for growth is using cross-referrals. Cross reference means that one podcast references another. In this way you make use of each other’s reach, which logically increases your own reach.

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