Addressing authorship is a complex matter on which a thesis Saudi Arabia Email List could be written, as the uses and practices have changed throughout history and currently diverge between different Saudi Arabia Email List scientific fields. That is why this post only intends to undertake a general introduction focused on the field of Social Sciences. In this post we are going to focus on answering three questions, how many sign, Saudi Arabia Email List  who should sign and in what order . We will not remember the advantages of teamwork . Is the number important ? Of course, the numbers are palpable reflections of reality and can be interpreted. ¿ There must be a closed number Saudi Arabia Email List of authors for each job ? No, as the utopian socialists would say ”

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To each according to his needs” (the needs of the article, it is understood), Saudi Arabia Email List that is, the complexity of the work is the main element that justifies the number of people who have done it and therefore signed . However, caps have been set for scientific evaluations. For example, in areas where the works come largely from the author’s reflection (Philosophy, Law, etc..), the Saudi Arabia Email List usual thing is that the works are carried out alone, both the investigation and the writing of this. In other areas where they work with large or even teams, interdisciplinary and international research is very common, the number of signatories Saudi Arabia Email List can amount to hundreds per job, this is common in areas such as Applied Physics,

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Astrophysics, etc. In Social Sciences it is frowned upon that co-authorship Saudi Arabia Email List exceeds four authors. So what is the proper number ? Well, as we said at the beginning, it depends on the complexity, what can justify the difficulty of a job ? Basically three questions; 1. the size and characteristics of the object of study , 2. the multiplicity of theoretical and methodological disciplines from Saudi Arabia Email List which the research is approached and of course 3 . the final extent of the work . There is a very interesting article by Nicolás Robinson and Carlos Benito Amat in which they analyze the meaning of the limitations in the number of authors Saudi Arabia Email List imposed by the evaluation bodies and do so with data, showing how lhe articles with the

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