The rise of audio seems to have no limits. Clubhouse , the trendy social network dedicated solely and exclusively to this format with live rooms. Has been followed by a series of launches from different companies. That have become a powerful alternative to this successful app.

Following its March purchase of Betty Labs, makers of Locker Room , Spotify made live audio a part of the platform’s ecosystem so “creators of all kinds can connect with their fans in deeper and more meaningful ways.”

As the Company Points out In a Statement

Since incorporating the Locker Room application they have been working to expand its capabilities, in order to create a live audio experience that “delights creators and listeners around the world”.

The new app, renamed Greenroom, is available on iOS and Android since yesterday on iOS and Android in more than 135 markets. The app Brazil WhatsApp Number List includes a rebranding and new ‘look and feel’, the option for any user to host or participate in a live room , to join using their Spotify login information, a new experience that puts users’ interests at center, recording options and chat controls to ensure the best possible experience. In Greenroom, users can join groups, find upcoming rooms, join a room, and even create their own.

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Greenroom’s Offering Will Continue

“Greenroom’s offering will continue to evolve as we learn more about. What creators and listeners want from their live audio experience.  In the same statement, the company also announces the creation of a Spotify Creator Fund. Which will help creators monetize their work and will open later this summer. “We believe that Spotify has an opportunity to not only enable live streaming. But to aid discovery, drive consumption, and accelerate the growth of the live category as a whole,” they conclude.

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