From toy stores that, in the middle of Christmas, needed help, to pharmaceutical companies that couldn’t wait for a de-escalation. These are some examples of the type of clients that began their journey with Green Hut. Although there were all kinds of them, companies that were forced to find a digital partner. Whom they could trust and who would lend them a hand with this entire digitization process which, during 2020, became imperative.

What Makes This Group of Young People Different?

“We realized that there was a wide range of services to cover the digitization of SMEs (companies that use complex technologies and need Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List technical knowledge) and, on the other hand, training services for small entrepreneurs.

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However, we found the need to create a “hybrid” service where we can respond to digitization problems using endless tools that do not require code or technical knowledge, and offering subsequent training to companies on said knowledge.”

Nieves Chisnall, Business Development at Green Hut

Its main objective is that all SMEs that want to go through the digitization process can be autonomous. When carrying out their activity in the online channel they choose. For this reason, once each project has been executed (creation of an online store, digital marketing strategies… etc.). Green Hut establishes a few months of training so that the company can understand all aspects. Of its digital business and manage its activity to the extent possible. You want (social media management, store stock modifications, promotions update… etc.)

It is not necessary to be a digital native to have a successful digitized company. As long as you have the right partners, it will be enough to lose your fear and give it a try to have a team trained at a “bilingual” level.

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