Alphabet, the parent company of Google, continues to benefit enormously from the digitization that fueled the coronavirus pandemic so strongly . In the last quarter, the turnover of the internet giant grew by 41% to reach 65.1 billion dollars. And its profits also hit a very strong jump from 11,200 to 18,900 million dollars.

As usual, Google ‘s advertising business was the one that most copiously watered Alphabet’s coffers out of millions, generating revenues of 53.1 billion dollars . And while Google’s search engine ads continue to be the most lucrative, YouTube is also making more and more money. The advertising turnover of the famous video platform went from 5,000 to 7,200 million dollars. This is a more than substantial growth that some did not convince, however, entirely.

Google Has Been only Marginally Affected

Unlike Facebook, Google has been only marginally affection by the privacy changes implement by Apple in iOS. Since last summer, app developers have been required to explicitly ask iPhone users for permission to track their france cell phone number example movements across other services and apps for advertising purposes. And according to different studies, many users deny developers that permission. In fact, Facebook says that since the entry into force of the privacy changes in iOS, it has become much more complicated to personalize advertising and provide advertisers with data on the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

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The Privacy Changes in IOs (Google Affection)

For its part, the company’s cloud computing division. With which Google intends to compete face-to-face with Amazon. Microsoft, grew by around 45% to almost reach 5.00 million dollars (although some analysts expected figures even bulkier in this area).

As for the rest of Alphabet’s subsidiary companies. Those dedicated to autonomous cars or delivery drones, for example. These once again generated scant income and translated, instead, into enormous losses. Combined turnover in this division grew minimally to $182 million (from $178 million). And its operating loss rose to $1.29 billion (up from $1.1 billion a year ago).


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