After having recently reviewed the display of its text ads in mobile search results and having limited to an average of two natural results per domain in its search results , Google is now testing a novelty: the carousel of sponsored text ads.

According to a gif shared on Twitter , Google is indeed currently testing a text ad carousel that will display just below a text-only ad in position 1 . In this gif, we see that this carousel of ads would be preceded by the words ” People also considered ” which means “Internet users have also considered”. Reported for the first time by the twitter account of an SEO tool, this test would induce that Google is trying to find a solution for.

Display More Text Ads on Mobile Above

The fold when there is only one ad that is really relevant to the user’s query : via the carousel system, Google could indeed Malaysia B2B list display more than 4 “similar” or “related” sponsored results above the fold on its mobile search results.

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Improve the user experience by affecting less user navigation on organic results. Classic natural results, featured snippets, other questions asked. Google News insert, Google Images results, YouTube videos, etc. In the unlikely perspective where this format would replace the 4 text ads above the fold. For its part, Google has simply confirmed that they regularly carry out tests. As usual but that they have nothing specific to announce for the moment.

What Impacts Should Be Expected for Advertisers and SEOs?

If the latter proves conclusive for Google (interesting click rate, rising advertising revenue, user experience not degraded but optimized, etc. On the advertiser side, the deployment of such a modification to result in:

Stronger competition for position 1 and therefore an increase in average CPC. If Google decides to display only a main sponsored result on its SERP. A drop in click rate if its association is in position 1 with carousel.

An increased number of impressions if their ad is eligible to display in the carousel on alternative queries
For SEOs, this could result in better visibility of organic results earlier in the user’s navigation. Which could significantly positively impact the CTR (click-through rate) of these results. Except in the case where it does not there was only one Google Ads result before the carousel. This will negatively affect the SEO CTR in this case.

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