For the hotel sector is the Google Hotel Ads platform. And linking the customer’s account with Google Ads. One of the best ways for brands to achieve their goals, such as boosting their sales strategy, locating the best location to open new stores, or reinforcing a marketing campaign, is to use an intelligent and powerful data model. of updated information.

Once the Data Feeds Have Been Upload to The Platform

The account has already been linked, the agencies are in charge of updating the data constantly, with the aim of showing users the most accurate colombia phone number whatsapp information possible through ads. extremely precise, as well as constantly adapting the strategy in relation to progress and customer specifications.

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Booking engine
Another great ally of the hotel sector is the well-known booking engine. Which hotels can manage requests for hotel room reservations, being able to control the status of accommodation at any time.

Thanks to this type of program, it is possible to make reservations from anywhere 24 hours a day. So businessmen are not the only ones. Who benefit from this completely online request management method, but customers can also enjoy its benefits.

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