The proliferation of “fake news” freely on the internet. And social networks is one of the issues that most concerns society. Multiple actions are being undertaken to put an end to them and to provide users with tools to distinguish. Between fake news and real news. Google is one of the companies that has wanted to put its cards on the table in this area and combat “fake news”. The tech giant wants to make life easier for Internet users with a new feature that will allow them to find. Useful information without having to do extensive research.

Thus, when a user performs a search on Google, they will have at their disposal a menu icon that they can select to obtain more information about the specific result. This way, you can see where the information is coming from and make a more contextual decision about which pages you want or don’t want to visit, as well as see which results best match what you’re looking for.

Google Adds a New Function

With this new control, a pop-up window will open that will warn us about the reliability or not of the medium in question in which the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List content is. This is a way of identifying potentially suspicious sources and alerting users that it may not be the best place to find out truthfulness.

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“About this result” is the name of this functionality. Which can be accesse by clicking on the three vertical dots that appear to the right of the result obtained in Google. Thanks to this menu, Google hopes that users will be able to develop a more solid criteria when selecting the places to be inform.

For example, sometimes, when available, you will see a description of the Wikipedia website , with verified and updated information. If it is a website that we have never heard of, it will provide us with confidence. Peace of mind, or on the contrary, it will indicate that we should not trust too much. What we read on it. In the event that there is no page on this platform. Available data will be displayed, such as the first time that Google indexed the ‘site’. At the moment, it’s only available in the United States , but it’s coming to more countries.

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