Zoom, one of the companies that best took advantage of the opportunities. That emerged from the pandemic, could say goodbye sooner rather than later to the golden age. That it has experienced in the last year and a half. The titles of the famous application focused on video calls plummeted 14.71% this Tuesday. After the company announced a number of clients that analysts expected somewhat bulkier during the third quarter of the year.

Since Companies Are Returning to The Office and Face-To-Face Classes

Z o om concluded the third quarter of the year with 512,000 clients with more than 10 employees at its side, 18% more than during the same period of the previous year. Despite the bulk of the figure, analysts estimated that the Californian iran b2b directory company would end the last quarter with more customers: 516,174.

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In the period between July and October 2021. Zoom similarly failed to meet predictions for large customers, which saw 36% growth. In the previous quarter, growth was 87% and in the third quarter of 2020, still in full confinement, Zoom managed to increase its large clients by no more and no less than 485%.

The New Post-Covid Era Could End Zoom’s Frenetic Growth Stage

Zoom ‘s revenue and profit did exceed initial projections. But stock markets remain concerned about how the end of the pandemic will affect the company. Not in vain, its shares have seen its value reduced by almost 30% throughout this year. The devaluation of Zoom titles paralyzed, in fact, last September the merger agreement that the company had previously reached with the call center software company Five9.

Between July and September 2021, Zoom’s turnover increased by 35% to 1,050 million dollars. And its net profit reached 340.3 million dollars (compared to 198.4 million the previous year). Looking ahead to the current quarter, Zoom expects to pocket $1.05 billion in revenue (somewhat above analyst forecasts of $1.02 billion).

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