Over the past year, new audio editing software products such as Descript have been launched. But all-in solutions such as Podcast.co also make starting, editing and professionalizing much easier. They offer hosting, editing, transcribing and show note pages in one. This also improves the listening experience of listeners (for example, through better editing and transcribing tools). New technologies such as voice search make it easier to extract individual content from podcasts , such as individual audio snippets or text. In time, for example, it will be possible for Google to search not only websites for keywords, but also podcasts.

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For example, if you search for ‘trends podcast 2022’, you will immediately arrive at the right episode and the right fragment. In 2022, due to new technological developments, content will be more easily accessible and applicable. As a result, making Philippines Phone Number  and valuable episodes for (content) marketers, brands and entrepreneurs is becoming increasingly important. The podcast market is becoming a mature market The market is becoming more and more mature. The number of Dutch podcasts is relatively small and the demand is increasing.

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Podcasting company budgets are rising and ways to monetize it are increasing. Niche podcasts are still little used in the Netherlands. I expect these to increase in number and variety in the coming years. Depth and authenticity will play an increasingly important role in the coming years. Consumers are looking for stories behind brands and companies. A podcast can play an important role in this, because it lends itself to telling (background) stories. Innovations and new technologies are making it easier for creators and listeners to create and listen to podcasts.

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