GoldenFish is the result of 10 years of R&D investment by Weborama in the fields of artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), contextual semantic analysis, and data management. After that, GoldenFish is based on a unique methodology that identifies and analyzes the content read by Internet users and creates qualified and USA WhatsApp Number List qualified audience segments (scoring), without cookies or ID’s, which can be activated in all DSP’s on the market and in all browsers.

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Moreover, Weborama provides an operational answer to the cookieless world that seems to be emerging for digital advertising. GoldenFish fully complies with Google’s “Privacy Sandbox” standards, as it does not use cookies, email addresses. Above all, Identification to show the interests of Internet users. Many advertisers from the entertainment, cosmetics, banking. Insurance, consumer goods, publishing, press industries already use GoldenFish. The results of their campaigns have demonstrated the competitiveness and effectiveness of this tool.

Our Solutions Are Now Fully Adapt to A World

From our contextual segmentation, which draws its strength from Weborama’s more than ten years. Of experience in semantic artificial intelligence, to our database. Which will be transitioning to a qualification process by cohort. No longer by individual” Alain Lévy, CEO and founder of Weborama .

In conclusion, “ We have developed a perfectly privacy-friendly ‘cookie-free’ product based on semantic artificial intelligence. This “privacy by design” approach is an important step towards sustainable, individual-friendly and effective digital advertising” Mykim Chikli, CEO EMEA of Weborama.

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