Relevance is the key to creating content. Demand generation that impacts lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead scoring. Relevance does not only mean writing a paper that is only useful to someone. Who wants to buy your product or Senegal Phone Number service. Not all prospects are ready for this content or trust your company’s information. Instead, you must create multiple pieces of content relevant to buyer roles and buyer stages, enticing a lead to engage with your content multiple times during the buying cycle. Buying  Senegal Phone Number roles when we speak of buying roles. We are specifically talking about the procurement responsibility of the prospect. Typically this describes their level of influence over the purchase. Most companies will have at best two or three pieces of content for each cell. Will have many blank cells at the beginning.

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Influencer, or CXO. Mapping your content to buying role. Important because prospects find content targeted to their role or industry much more valuable than generic content. According to research firm marketing sherpa. 82% of Senegal Phone Number prospects say content targeted to their specific industry is more valuable 67% say content targeted to their job function. More valuable 49% say content targeted to their company size is Senegal Phone Number more valuable 29% prefer it. Content targeted to their geography buying stage. Describes where your prospect stands in the buying process. This is important to content marketing for demand generation it. Will impact the type of content the prospect is likely to consume. The content someone finds relevant changes as they move through the process.Senegal Phone Number


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The right information is available to that prospect so they can further develop their interest in your product or service. For example, educational pieces work well during the early awareness stages. With these pieces, you are simply educating people Senegal Phone Number and sharing best practices. Industry-specific pieces work well just as prospects start looking for a solution. Examples can be industry overviews, analyst reports, buyer’s guides, etc. Solution-oriented and company-focused materials are appropriate. For prospects engaged in Senegal Phone Number an active buying cycle. Content mapping in this section you will be able to map your buying processes and stages to your current content to see where you are missing key demand generation. Materials that need to be developed by your marketing team.

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