To believe that if visits to our website increase, so will sales. However it is not always so. Sometimes we can receive many visits to our website, but if the client does not quickly find what he is looking for, he will return to the place where he entered. This affects not only our sales, but also the bounce rate generated by our website. Therefore, SEO positioning not only generates more traffic, but also helps optimize the conversion rate of our website. In other words, when we use the correct keywords and we have a web page with a lot of visual clarity, the traffic that is directed is highly likely to become our client or at least show the intention of communicating with our brand.

Get a good promotion: This is one of the advantages of SEO positioning that the campaigns we carry out to increase traffic, such as those of Google Ads , for example, do not have. When we create campaigns, the moment we stop it, it stops Germany whatsapp number list generating traffic. On the other hand, the same does not happen with SEO since it offers us durability over time once our web page is optimized. Create good digital content: Google does not know how to decipher the content that appears on our website, especially when this content is written in Spanish. Therefore, any content will position us.

However, It Is Important That What

keywords, since, when our website. Want visitors to find what they were looking for on our website.  And not leave again to go to another company’s website. Get visibility for our brand: When we find ourselves at the top of search results on the web, we are gaining a good online reputation for our brand. That is to say, if we appear in the first positions, we are giving the user a sense of trust since that means that we are standing out above other companies that do the same. Quality, therefore, is closely to this and will enhance the image of our brand. Improve loading time and gain usability: It is also important, when we do SEO analysis to improve the positioning of our website,

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To know how long it takes our page to load. When we enter a page on the Internet, if it takes a long time to load, we will leave it without having consulted it. Therefore, it is important that we improve the loading times of our website, that it does not contain images that take a long time to load, etc. Another advantage of SEO positioning is that to be well we must improve our website. We must make it as intuitive as possible so that it is easy for the user to navigate through it and understand the characteristics of our products or services.

Now That You Know All the Benefits

of optimizing your website, do you dare to do it?How to distinguish between a blog and a vlog? Irene Chinea Irene Chinea June 11, 2021 15:30:00 CEST Currently having a website. A personal or professional blog is very common to develop your personal brand.  But having a vlog is less common. Just as you can use social networks to make yourself .  And show your most professional side, these two tools can be of great help to increase your audience.

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