YouTube has decided to put the brakes on (to completely ban) advertising directly related to alcohol. Gambling, politics and prescription drugs in the ads that open in its header and that are visible at the top of the web or the app of the famous Google video platform. Speaking to The Verge , the Google affiliate ensures that these advertising restrictions will result in “a better experience for users.”

Advertising in The Header Is One of The First Things

The user’s eyes land on when accessing YouTube , so it is understandable that the famous video channel has decided to slam the door on ads for drugs, alcohol or video games. chance with the ultimate goal of making the platform more inclusive for Cyprus WhatsApp Number List everyone. As for the veto of advertising of a political nature, YouTube will thus avoid possible controversies, such as when Donald Trump bought the header of the platform to place his ads for three days in a row in the 2020 election campaign.

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According to YouTube, ads in your header can translate to potentially massive reach. Awareness , but from now on this megaphone will no longer be available for certain types of advertising. Since the end of last year, Google has allowed its users the ability to limit the number of alcohol. Gambling ads that reach their YouTube eyes (something that would also apply to the header). In addition, in 2020 YouTube changed the rules governing the ads. In its header to show mostly personalized ads and not so much those that have been reserved for entire days by advertisers.

For years, Google has implemented changes to its advertising policies to control. What can or cannot be shown in its ads. It has recently introduced, for example, changes to curb hate advertising, fake news. Conspiracy theories around COVID-19.

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