Who will be accompanied by the International Space Orchestra . the world’s first orchestra composed of space scientists from NASA Ames Research Center. “Working with Billie Eilish. HER and Kid Cudi to bring their music to life through such creative experiences has been incredible. Watching these internationally relevant artists create their shows from the depths of their imaginations is unbelievable. It’s like nothing we’ve ever done . We are very excited to offer fans the opportunity to celebrate both Prime Day and the talent of these three spectacular artists.” said Ryan Redington . Vice President of Music Industry at Amazon Music.

Amazon’s commitment to influencer marketing With this strategy we can say that Amazon seeks to use influencer marketing in its favor. since the choice of these personalities within its show could not be a coincidence since Billie Eilish is currently one of the most recognized singers worldwide and is premiering new music that has broken multiple playback records on streaming platforms; For her part. HER just won her first Oscar with her original song “Fight For You. which talks about racial injustices. Eilish will also launch an Amazon-exclusive product line on June 17 in conjunction with her Prime Day Show performance. where fans will be able to purchase merchandise such as t-shirts. hoodies. posters.

Accessories And More

Within the brand’s platforms. . This seems to be Finland whatsapp number list  brand strategy to divert attention amid the thousands of criticisms it has received for the lack of working conditions suffered by its employees. since interacting with personalities who are recognized worldwide for their activist messages could make this a successful move. READ MORE Buy shoes for swollen feet: Amazon’s controversial recommendation to its employees Amazon bets on who represents 60% of its sales in its next Prime Days: small merchants With these cabins. Amazon wants to get away from criticism of its working conditions Just three days before the largest elections in Mexican history take place.


Die Welt underscored that the vote “is actually a kind of referendum on the Mexican president. Who governs in an increasingly autocratic manner.” One more medium joins the criticism of the Mexican government headed by the president. Andrés Manuel López Obrador. On this occasion. It is a German media outlet that has spoken out against the ‘autocratic’ way in which the Tabascan man manages. Germany joins England and France. Who have already given their point of view about the mandate of the Tabascan With an evident lack of strategy in political marketing is how the Mexican president has responded these days to the criticism that has come head-on from England.

France And Now Germany

The media in question are none other than the most relevant of each one of these states: Le Monde. The Economist and The Welt respectively. which have not stopped expressing. Their opinion about the role that the Mexican president has played during these almost three years of management. False Messiah. dangerous for democracy and autocrat. Are the adjectives that the aforementioned media have given to the president to which he has responded. With jokes and downplaying each of the sayings on each occasion; of which he only the first time he sent a letter to The Economist. which did not obtain greater importance. With the elections just around the corner.

The English magazine The Economist. which enjoys a great reputation worldwide. Has challenged much more than the image of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). As it has described him as ‘ false messiah’ and being a danger to democracy in Mexico. the biggest problem? He did it with the electoral fair just a few days away. which has led to a debate on the social network. Twitter about the intention of the medium and about the actions of the president in recent times. It is not the first time that the magazine talks about the Mexican president. Already in the past he had highlighted how AMLO promoted forces in the country. something that. According to the English media.

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