With a quitclaim you ask the person in the photo for permission to use a photo for a certain time in a specific context. This of course has drawbacks: it is a hassle and you limit yourself in use. But it also has advantages: it sends a pleasant signal to your employees and if there are questions or comments afterwards, you can fall back on the quitclaim together. Very handy! The gold rush on NFTs has begun. It seems it has been slowly exploding since corona. Messi made millions with his own NFT collection. Snoop Dogg built a villa in the metaverse. Even McDonald’s has turned Big Macs and French fries into pixel art.

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As a company, you cannot be left behind. An NFT is a contract that is recorded on the blockchain. With such a contract, we can establish ownership of digital content for the first time in history. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Non-Fungible herein Germany Phone Number that an item is unique and irreplaceable. A token represents the piece of code that represents the item on the blockchain. How can you use NFTs for your business? There is a reason why LPs are still being sold. It is a conceptual work of art, with the cover and contents providing a complete experience for anyone who purchases it. I see NFTs as the same added value.

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They make it possible to interact with your audience in a new, different way. Because what connects more than joint ownership? They ask brands to think differently about the relationship with your fans, or customers. They are now no longer just passive consumers, but are turning into active ambassadors and investors. In addition, NFTs call on our creativity. They ask us to move away from meager customer experiences and call for fascinating (‘engaging’ is perhaps a nicer word) interaction that provokes certain actions. People can now become part of your tribe. People can connect with a community of like-minded people. And they can now enjoy something instead of simply using it. Also read: What can we expect from

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