If something seems to be clear after the Covid 19 crisis. Although it was previously made very clear in the previous economic crisis starting in 2008. It is that people can no longer aspire to pursue an active career as a professional always occupying the same position. of employment. That will only be limit to public sector profiles. And not even like that since there are numerous cases that decide to abandon that sort of job stability to boost their entrepreneurial spirit.

Adrián Lucena, better known professionally as Lucenathor, knows a lot about entrepreneurship. This young expert in digital marketing has more than 10 years of experience in that discipline and in ecommerce. These last 10 or 15 years are precisely those that have caused the increasingly total dependence on the Internet in our lives.

What Is the Work of Lucenathor?

Adrián has been gaining experience in his profession, in his tasks, at the same time that disciplines have been growing, which has led him to create his own south africa cell number methodology to create online businesses with high possibilities of return on investment.

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Lucenathor is the alter ego of Adrián Lucena in networks and the world of the internet. His most outstanding work, beyond his own growth as an entrepreneur, is advising and training other profiles who want to grow in the world of the Internet through persuasive marketing. To this end, Adrián himself insists that the key to obtaining good results lies in perseverance, perseverance and attitude. And he recommends not to fall into regrets, but to continue working in pursuit of those professional goals.

From Its Website It Offers Different Projects

All framed within the same project: ComuniApp. The platform has fixed sections that delve into. Analyze different aspects that are essential in online marketing. Such as content generation, ads, raffles, a list of the products that have worked best. And an added section with interviews. to people within the discipline and other business sectors with high recognition.

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