Another trend that could not go unnoticed is that of voice assistants. Such as Alexa, who help their users in their daily lives. It makes sense to think that companies like Amazon invest in listening analytics for their consumers. But the reality is different.

We don’t do it based on what we think is going to be heard on smart speakers, although it is true that technology accompanies it. Even so, as there is a greater number of consumers interested in incorporating this type of speaker into their homes. This makes it easier to listen to audio and find requests regarding this type of content. According to Baixeras, the technology helps smart speakers to be more endowed with content thanks to all the production that we are doing .

Does the Pandemic Affect the Audio Consumer?

The conversation takes a turn from t2ó towards audience success trends. From Audible they recognize that they must take risks while innovating and working with the creative community in Spain. “ We have received a multitude of podcast Switzerland WhatsApp Number List production offers and we are always seeking excellence in the world of audiobooks through our partnerships with publishers ”, explains Baixas. Furthermore, such trends can be discovered through experience, so one of the keys will always be to experiment with your own content by launching different podcasts with enough episodes to analyze.

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One of the biggest challenges that the sector has faced has undoubtedly been the coronavirus. The pandemic has meant a before and after in the interests of the consumer and now our priorities have changed. During confinement, audio was the great ally of recruitment in our homes. An escape route to get out of the screens.

On the Other Hand, According to Baixeras

During the pandemic Audible saw how the entire mindfulness content offer was the one that really asked for more integration. After this moment, the pandemic has established guidelines for people to listen to. Which important on a day-to-day basis.” In this way, while before the audio was listen to when going to work. Now, these listening hours have moved to every day, especially between the hours between eight. And ten in the morning and between six and nine. of the night. This reflects that free time is not always linked to listening. But rather we use this format to accompany our daily tasks.

In this context, it should be noted that we live in an exciting time for the world of the cultural industry. General and entertainment audio in particular. In fact, when Audible arrived in Spain they began to work and their penetration was very low. “ Today we are above 5 and a half percent of people over 14 years of age in Spain who consume audiobooks on a regular basis every month ”, says Baixas.

With these data, Audible considers the future through the creation of content. A trend that particularly attracts the attention of its public. We are going to analyze what our clients’ consumption patterns are in order to continue working on them and innovating them. All this without forgetting the reason for this meeting. The relevance of audio in Spain as radio was in its time. Both from the point of view of entertainment and information.

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