Perhaps one of the most remarkable moments in digital history was the launch of the smartphone. From then on we could carry practically everything in our pocket , our interests, our projects and our life in general. At that time digitization was incorporated into a routine that is already common in our day to day.

Under this theme, Baixeras assures that “ the delivery of the world of content is beginning to be different. Because hyperconnectivity also allows us to be permanently connect and at very moderate prices. This means that the consumption of content also occurs on digital devices. And that it also means that the content subscription platform has an ever-increasing penetration”.

Audible Expert Comments

In data, the Audible expert comments that almost 30% of households have at least one OTT subscription service, in addition to the thousands of Taiwan WhatsApp Number List people who are subscribed to music services, such as Spotify or Deezer.

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“Spain, which use to be a country that looked for free content until it found it. Is today a country that has become commit to this type of paid content, so I think we are at a very important moment in how habits. And the normality of the Spaniards, compare to the consumption of this digital content. Is being done through payment platforms”, he adds.

And to End This Meeting Between the Representative

Of Audible and t2ó, the presenter has asked the expert to share some advice. For those brands that are thinking of entering the world of audio. Baixas takes advantage of this moment to say that “there are many possibilities for brands within digital audio. We do not work with brands from an advertising point of view, nor from a branded content point of view. But we do work with many brands when creating content ”. To this he adds that, in order to get closer to the audience as a brand, it is necessary to create relevant content through audio content. And he exemplifies this with personal success stories from Audible, such as the case of Repsol, Real Madrid or BBVA.

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