their work in prestigious private journals with public funds, to guarantee this Denmark Email List double principle that is not incompatible: the best and the highest dissemination of quality research and publication in journals of maximum prestige, visibility and impact, if these are from commercial entities. Open science is the model and the aspiration of all, because as a basic good that ensures the Denmark Email List development of peoples, it cannot be subject to the will of the market. For this, excellent researchers must have worthy research resources and, consequently, all the support for its dissemination and visibility. Researching and editing has a high cost and it is evident that in no case should it come out of the researcher’s pockets since it is Denmark Email List part of their job. The debate of paying or not paying to publish is sterile and partial.

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The background is not only the final phase of the edition, but all the Denmark Email List global support that the research must have from its inception, until its dissemination by the scientific community. The editorial fabric for science is the one that must be questioned and rethought. Why have public Denmark Email List publishing services not been able to absorb and edit the best papers of research results, quality science, with the resources of all? This is the dilemma we have to ask ourselves. Why don’t organizations like the FECYT in Spain, and Denmark Email List similar ones in other countries, promote and finance journals of proven quality and indexing of excellence,

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published by non-profit societies and public / private universities, Denmark Email List to promote true open science? Tearing one’s clothes off in the short-sighted debate of paying or not paying to publish is to see a single drop in a very wide universe, but this is not why it is not aspiring. Tweet Denmark Email List Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article CWhat to do when an article is rejected? Angel Hernando | November 30 2020 Denmark Email List likes to have an article rejected / rejected, but, even if you dislike it, you end up getting used to it since this possibility is within the normality

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