Data analytics has been around for many years, but its introduction to the business world is relatively recent. According to Stratesys , In the last two decades, it has evolved exponentially to the point where we refer to data as the “new oil” and its analysis as “the refinery of the 21st century.”

Data Analytics Has Been Democratized in Recent Years

Many of our clients, small and medium-sized companies, are devoting all their efforts to becoming data-driven malaysia mobile phone number example companies,” says Raúl Escudero, managing partner of Stratesys, a technology hub between Spain and America.

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Big Data: Companies are alive and the same happens with the market. Selecting a few important data is no longer an option; for analytics to be efficient, the less we leave out, the better. Therefore, having a Big Data capable of managing and analyzing a large amount of internal and external data is key.

The Key Trends in Data Analytics Are Currently Five

Democratization of data: Now analytics reaches all areas of the company. People Analytics, risk management, supply chain optimization. Cash management and, recently, sustainability and corporate responsibility projects are becoming more and more common.

Data governance models. Managing so many users with varied needs. Large volumes of external and internal data entails costs and can cause chaos that is difficult to manage. Data governance is essential to ensure that the information flows correctly to the people who need it and that its quality is impeccable to ensure good decisions.

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