With the looming “cookie-free” horizon of the digital ecosystem, Tappx , a leading AdTech company providing technology for digital advertising on mobile, desktop and OTT/CTV, today announces the launch of Contextualize-It. The world’s first comprehensive contextual advertising solution for video and display campaigns, enabling better and more relevant contextual targeting of campaigns. In addition, this covers an existing gap in the industry. Since now contextual targeting was focused on written content served through the different digital platforms.

Tappx’s Patent-Pending Technology, Contextualize-It

which has been funded by Horizon 2020, the largest research and innovation program in the European Union, is the fruit of more than two years of technological development applied to audiovisual content and now both media and brands will be able to access Vietnam WhatsApp Number List contextual targeting for video and display campaigns based on the audiovisual content that the user is consuming.

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The use of AI in Contextualize-It allows to analyze the images and audio of the videos. Identify objects, places and dialogues. With which metadata is generate through which the campaigns are segment using the contextual categories of the IAB. And/or or based on keywords. In addition, the algorithm is capable of identifying the different scenes. That the video is compose of and defines the best moments. To insert an advertising break, thus ensuring that the user has the best possible consumer experience.

The Technology Is Available Through the Tappx SSP

And the first advertising medium implemented by Contextualize-It is PlayOn Content. A platform for video monetization. Distribution that works with leading media such as Huffington Post. Soon new media will be incorporat into the solution to offer brands. A relevant contextualized video inventory.

After that,  “After two intense years of research and development”, explains Daniel Reina, CEO of Tappx. We are please to announce the launch of Contextualize-It. Which already has PlayOn Content as a partner. Moreover, The digital advertising industry is facing a tipping point, where greater needs arise to meet consumer demand for privacy. As we all venture into a cookieless ecosystem, contextual targeting in ad campaigns. Is becoming much more prevalent, accurate, and powerful. With this emerging technology, advertisers now have a new model for targeting and delivering ad content. Personalized in video format, which is independent of the personal data of the consumer .

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