standard), as reflected in the IMRyD format (Introduction, Method, Tokelau Email List Results and Discussion) for the organization of the scientific article between researchers. This standard of scientific writing must be followed in all its aspects, both with regard to the structure and the Tokelau Email List content and references of the manuscript, since what is done is to present a research report that has writing standards that are very explicit within the academic world. In short, there are many types and formats of articles: theoretical articles, opinion articles, review articles, studies, reviews, intervention reports, Tokelau Email List replies to articles already published, interviews, research reports, etc.

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But for an article to be considered scientific it has to meet the Tokelau Email List characteristics that have been previously exposed and be a research report or scientific communication. Tweet Share Pinterest Tumblr Whatsapp Reddit Viber Messenger Print EmailAs has already been commented Tokelau Email List on several occasions in this blog itself, the final publication of the research results is an essential part of evaluating the quality of an institution, group or researcher of higher education or research center. For many years, the impact factor of a publication, calculated from the number of citations per article, has been the Tokelau Email List fundamental measure to calculate the quality and impact of research. The “ citation ”

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shows how many times an article has been cited by other articles and as an Tokelau Email List indicator of quality it is important both for the author and for the affiliated institution. In this environment, most researchers are evaluated based on their publications, as well as the number of citations their publications receive. Although many university evaluation systems based only Tokelau Email List on this criterion have received criticism, it remains one of the main indicators even in the most comprehensive systems. For this reason, finding a way to increase, not only the Tokelau Email List number of articles,

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