Before exporting, if we already have Bodymovin installed , it is necessary to activate the option “Allow the script to write files and access the network” in the preferences in the Scripts and Expressions section. If we don’t have it enabled, After Effects won’t be able to export HTML or JSON from Lotties.

With the basics laid out, and our animated composition , exporting in After Effects is a breeze. We simply have to open the Bodymovin plugin wizard and point to the composition we have created to export it. In the event that we have worked on several compositions, we must indicate those that we want to export.

Once The JSON or HTML File Is Obtained

Remember that, if our composition contains pixel information images or text layers , it will be necessary to adjust the setting so that the medicare supplement leads direct mail Lottie is exported correctly (activate the “Glyphs” option for text layers, “Include in JSON” for pixel images…).

Email Database

In the preview that this website offers us. We will be able to change the speed of the animation , colors or size, giving us the possibility of re-downloading Lottie with the modifications that we have made in it.

Through the Lottie App

If we have the possibility to transfer the Lottie files to our mobile and see them from the App, we will obtain a greater fidelity of how it is displayed on iOS or Android. There is also the possibility of scanning the QR code provided by the preview with the App so that we can carry out the same test on said operating systems.

These would be the basic steps when it comes to being able to make a Lottie through After Effects. But, if for reasons of time or resources you cannot make a custom design. The Lottiefiles website already has an incredible library of animations that can help you create your digital solutions.

Also, if you decide to go ahead with animation design and go much further with Lottie. The next steps are basically what’s call bugging. Many communities built around this tool and articles written. Even the experimentation itself in After Effects finding new forms of animation is a very good experience. That can help you when it comes to giving a special touch to your professional projects.

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