It also demands from managers even more vision for the longer term, an example of desired behavior and confidence in employees that they can do their job best, and that as a manager you sometimes just have to get out of the way. Not every Switzerland Phone Number works like that and will be able or willing to learn it. Maybe he is no longer in the right place. You may then have to take a step back, and I don’t think that’s a shame — it shouldn’t be labeled as such in an organization either. The role of the digital work environment is increasing In one of my previous articles I went into more detail about the role of the digital work environment for hybrid working organizations . And that this role is broader and deeper than ‘just’ digital collaboration.

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The digital work environment is there to support internal digital communication, service provision and collaboration. The digital work environment is not ‘just’ Switzerland Phone Number or community platform. It is there to reach, involve and serve employees . Venn diagram with three spheres: communication, service and collaboration, with reaching, serving and involving at the overlap. Internal digital communication is often about sharing knowledge and information . Think of news items, announcements and campaigns from corporate communication. With internal digital services I am talking about support for your daily work . The question then is: how can a digital work environment support employees in their work. Both in primary and secondary processes?

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A lot of people are fed up with that by now. But there are many more forms of digital collaboration that can be envisioned. How do you set up those processes and how do you support them with your digital work environment? You may have already noticed: if you are going to work hybrid in any specific form as an organization, the role of the digital work environment will be much greater. After all, the office, the physical location where we gathered until the spring of 2020 for work, for mutual communication and coordination, team building and service provision, is much less in a hybrid operating organization . And if you eventually move even further towards remote work, towards working remotely, the physical locations may disappear completely. In addition to the content of the work itself. The only place that still binds people is the digital work environment.

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