You can also give customers access to exclusive content, for example a Q&A session with an expert or an (online) event, where a certain topic is discussed. By connecting customers, you offer them more value than just your product. 3. Touch your customers’ emotional needs Your customers are only human and each has their own dreams and fears. Emotional needs are often more enduring than purchasing needs. The latter can change radically over time due to all kinds of factors. Storytelling can help you touch your customers emotionally.

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You show what your company stands for and that is a crucial element in building a relationship with your customers. Do you remember this commercial? Time to shift focus So it’s time to shift the focus to content for existing customers. How can you Benin Phone Number their questions? And how do you ensure that they can use your product or service optimally, but above all with great ease? How do you connect them to your brand or company? And above all: how do you ensure that they feel seen. Use loyalty content in the right way and customers will stay with you.Easy ‘money grab’ or an endless new stream of possibilities for organizations?

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Even though the first NFT was already made in 2014, developments have gone through the roof in the past year. More and more organizations are making full use of the many new possibilities that technology offers, in addition to simply making money selling items. In this article I share 4 possibilities to use NFTs for your organization.NFTs have opened up a whole new type of economy in the past year. It allows digital creators, artists, brands and others to offer unique digital assets that only have one owner at a time. They have also opened up a whole new field of marketing for organizations in my view. Which opens up new ways to engage customers and fans, offer new types of experiences, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and create new revenue streams.

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