Reconciling work life with private life is not an easy task , especially when we are focused on achieving success in the foreground. Triumph in the professional field is an ideal to which we aspire, with which we run the risk of absorbing much of our time. Once this goal is reached, sometimes that peak turns into vertigo due to the emptiness of not having anyone else sharing the podium.

That’s where matchmaking was born. It is a very widespread process in the United States that applies personalized methods and tools of a professional nature to the sentimental field. It is a technique that has become fashionable among the most select circles of the country’s business and financial elite , as the best resource for searching for the ideal match between men and women with a high corporate profile . In fact, you can expect to pay between $100,000 and $250,000, or even up to $1,000,000.

Matchmaking Has Been Spreading to Anglo-Saxon Countries

Until it landed, more than eight years ago, in Spain. I did it with the help of Verónica Alcanda , a senior executive specialized in Human Resources with europe email database experience in multinationals on four continents.

Email Database

“I decided that it was time for a change. That in the same way that I have helped various businessmen. Businesswomen find the managers they needed for the growth of their companies. I could also help them in a sentimental field,” explains Verónica. That’s why he created Alcanda Matchmaking . Unlike contact applications like Tinder or dating websites, this is an exclusive service to find a partner from a professional, private and highly personalized perspective.

Aimed at Professionals with A High Standard of Living

Alcanza developed his own scientific method for his company, called Sentimental Head-hunting. With this, the company’s experts use operating processes, complying with the commitments of quality and evaluation and selection of people. Following the rules applied in Human Resources, with scientific concepts endorsed, emotion, intuition and experience are also used.

“We carry out an active search of our own executive selection companies. Hence its name, applied to the affective and personal plane instead of the professional environment », he details. Alcanda Matching’s clients are successful men. Women who enjoy a high standard of living as a result of their professional achievements. “However, these achievements often come at a high price, affecting their personal lives. Which in the end leads them to not having someone special by their side to share them with. Says the company’s CEO.

“They are people who value their privacy and their time and, therefore. Do not want to waste it exposing themselves in other matchmaking systems such as the popular online media. Privacy, confidentiality and efficiency are of paramount importance », she concludes.

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