At this point, it is time to differentiate between the different types of actions that exist to carry out on YouTube. With its characteristics and making it clear where our consumer is, it is much easier for the strategy to turn out as expected.

Ad Spots : A YouTube channel can act like traditional TV where you add ads between videos or in the middle of content to consume advertising. Ideally, this type of content is consumed by users within the TOFU part. Tutorials : When the user has a need. But does not know how to satisfy it, it is very normal to search the internet for these types of answers. For this reason, the tutorial remains useful content that is not consumed like the advertising to which the user is accustomed and also helps to build trust with the brand.

Webinars After the Pandemic

online events became fashionable, which marked a before and after in the sector. Nowadays, webinars are a valid option for any brand that wants to make their product known while getting in touch with their audience and answering doubts and Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List questions live. Brand vlogging : Influencers are also an opportunity for brands, and although Instagram has taken the throne, we must not forget that this phenomenon began on YouTube. Today they are still an important part of advertising content and making content in collaboration with these creators is usually a more than profitable option.

Email Database

Visual infographics : YouTube content is 100% audiovisual, but that doesn’t have to limit you. Rather the complete opposite. With creativity and appeal, your YouTube video can become a visually written summary. So that the consumer does not miss a detail of what you want to communicate.

Do I Need Help Managing My You Tube Marketing Strategy?

Q&A format : This type of videos is usually more linked to the MOFU part of your product. The brand is in charge of thinking up the content. So that a character chosen by it answers users’ doubts in visual. Entertaining and dynamic content. If even so it has not been clear how to start with your strategy on this platform. Perhaps the problem is that you do not have the adequate resources to face it.

Agencies such as Despegue are in charge of improving this type of actions. With the aim of uniting synergies between the objectives of both companies. In fact, Despegue’s YouTube channel is full of advice and tips to create a good communication strategy. Based on real examples and success stories from around the world.

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