What can you joke about? Not everywhere, of course. If your company inspires people to work in a structured way with an empty inbox, then I wouldn’t joke about the fact that you regularly make a mess of your working life and currently have 321 emails unanswered and last night until a quarter past 1 was working. With a headache. And wine. And cigarettes. The one you stole from your son. Hashtag having a good time. If you help people with ‘more turnover’ and that is really your promise, then I wouldn’t joke that you now have quite disappointing figures for the 2nd month. “Haha!” Oh, better not.

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But if, for example, you are a sales trainer and you share a blunder from 3 years ago before you had all those insights with which you now Morocco Phone Number people, that is fine. Or you share that you still have CDs at home and put all 760 in alphabetical order. And that you don’t talk to your partner for a week if she just pops Supertramp back next to Bruno Mars. What are you clumsy at? What are you fanatical about and is that also a bit dull? It’s touching, funny and a bit harrowing how we humans always try to make the best of it a little desperately. If you dare to joke about that, your customer will immediately know.

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I can be myself here, I can at least try it. That’s so much more relaxed doing business than all that screwed-up hassle of always having to walk on your toes. Finally, a bit embarrassing to share your own joke, but for the higher purpose (world peace, a bit of happiness to the people) I still want to share it with you. Every company has reviews on its website, right? testimonials. Me too. A lot even. Nice to share. But I personally find it very funny to read a negative review every now and then. I find it credible and a sign of self-confidence. That’s how I got this last one. Someone was completely fed up with my humor and I understand that so well!

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