The General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg, the second-highest in Europe, has endorsed the antitrust fine of 2,420 million dollars against Google that the European Commission presented in 2017. In the text, it assured that the technology giant was favoring in its search engine to its price comparison service, Google Shopping, against those of the competition.

At the time, the fine was the largest the European Union had ever imposed on a company for abuse of a dominant position. This was seen as a sign of the threat European regulators could pose to tech companies.

This Dismissal Deals a Blow to The Company’s Efforts

This dismissal deals a blow to the company’s efforts to challenge the billions of dollars it has racked up in fines in Europe over allegations of abuse of dominant get free singapore phone number position. Google countered it, arguing that its service helps consumers find the products they want and allows advertisers to reach potential customers.

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Moreover, The General Court recognizes the anti-competitive nature of the practice in question, says the ruling. Google can still appeal to the highest judicial body in the European Union, the Court of Justice. The firm defended its practices in a statement, saying its purchasing methods have quickly connected people to products. Separately, it noted that it made changes in 2017 to its comparison shopping services in Europe. Allowing more products to appear in searches.

This Sentence Refers to A Set of Very Specific Facts

After that, This sentence refers to a set of very specific facts. Although we will review it closely. We already made changes in 2017 to comply with the European Commission’s decision, ” the statement said. European policy studies new rules to promote greater technological competition
The European Union has been investigating Google for competition law violations for more than a decade. Last year, the Justice Department filed a landmark antitrust lawsuit against the company. And it faces several challenges from state attorneys general.

Amid the court ruling. European policymakers are studying a series of new rules to encourage more competition in the technology sector. The so-called Digital Markets Law . The proposal would require these platforms to allow companies to access the data they generate when using a technology platform.

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