Developing an effective influencer marketing campaign is not an easy task , as much as there are companies that continue to think that way. Within this type of strategy, fundamental factors and variables must be taken into account, because otherwise we will have made an effort in vain.

At MGC&Co they have been working in this field for years and have wanted to contribute their perspective on which are the points on which companies should work more . For example, they highlight the differences in prices that exist between those charged by influencer agencies and those indicated by the monitoring platforms of this type of public figure.

Tips to Make an Influencer Marketing Campaign Successful

Likewise, they underline that naturalness, spontaneity. Confidence are being lost due to the packages that are contracte. Although it is still important, the truth is that seeing too many posts and stories by a relevant figure with a product ends up scaring Brazil B2B list users away. In addition, right now there are very diverse types of executive or professional profiles on the scene , not to mention micro-influencers, with a very high percentage of engagement.

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Next, we transfer the advice that MGC&Co gives to firms when preparing influencer marketing. Analyze which is the appropriate social network to carry out the campaign. Select a list of influencers taking into account their style, values ​​and type of followers. Follow them for a while before contacting them. Analyze what they post, what impact it has and what kind of comments.

Measure their engagement. Check what your investment is going to be in each of the influencers before setting a budget. So as not to pay too much to one who is going to contribute less, and vice versa. Establish a briefing as clear as possible. Be original and creative and look for different formats of connection with the public. Control the publications, because sometimes mistakes made.

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