mentions in other non-scientific spaces (media Philippines WhatsApp Number List communication, blogs, social networks, etc.) and 12-month impact reports; The free version continues to have practically the same benefits as in the past, which is why it maintains its space as a powerful tool for the Philippines WhatsApp Number List dissemination and visibility of scientific production, as well as a good interface to keep us up to date with the news of our contacts. Philippines WhatsApp Number List Between ResearchGate and, which one to choose? Although it is not a question of choosing between one and another academic social network because they all add visibility – as already Philippines WhatsApp Number List explained in this post – it is necessary to understand that there are important differences between these:

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Impact: reports 36 million registered users for Philippines WhatsApp Number List , while ResearchGate has 6 million, a figure six times less. However, at the number Philippines WhatsApp Number List of published documents does not amount to 10 million, while at ResearchGate it reaches 70 million. This makes it crystal clear that the ResearchGate user profile is more strategic for effective impact (citations), even though we Philippines WhatsApp Number List get more readings at Profiles: To open a profile in ResearchGate it is necessary to have an institutional email account, while in it can be done by registering with Facebook, Google+ or by generic email. In this sense, it is clear that the first is more elitist and focused on the Philippines WhatsApp Number List strategic public,

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while the second is more general. Scores: ResearchGate was a pioneer in assessing the impact of authors. Its metric -the RG Score- takes into consideration the Philippines WhatsApp Number List impact of the publications in which the author writes, the interaction maintained in their interactive question-answer spaces and the RG Score of the followers. In the case of Academia .Edu, the Philippines WhatsApp Number List authors’ score (Author Rank) is exclusive to those who have had reading recommendations from other relevant authors, although it is not yet clear or explained how this calculation is performed. Philippines WhatsApp Number List Metrics: Although both scientific social networks offer real-time metrics on the visibility of published documents

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