Authority Who is the creator or author? What are the credentials? Who is the publisher or sponsor? Are they respectable / known? What is the publisher’s interest (if any) in Chile Phone Numbers List this information? Are there advertisements / commercials on the website where the information is hosted? Purpose / point of view Is it fact or opinion? Is it biased? Is the creator / author trying to sell you Chile Phone Numbers List something? In particular, evaluating the credibility and usefulness of information hosted on Web sites is a challenge, because Web sites are created in different ways and have a wide variety of objectives. In addition to the Chile Phone Numbers List aforementioned elements for any source, the domain where it is hosted can give some clues,

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example: .edu and .gob are domains of public entities and the government respectively. Likewise, advertising may indicate that the information may be less reliable. Chile Phone Numbers List Personal web pages, social networks, blogs, etc., can be helpful in determining what people are saying about a topic and what discussions are taking place. Therefore, great care must be taken when incorporating these sources Chile Phone Numbers List directly into an academic document. In summary, the exponential growth of information, marked by the development of ICT, makes it increasingly difficult to find pertinent and relevant information for our Chile Phone Numbers List research. This shows the need to develop skills

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related to information management, and particularly those of selection Chile Phone Numbers List and evaluation. Researchers have to gain access to a set of criteria and clues that, in an efficient manner, can quickly select the most appropriate information for their investigation. One of the most Chile Phone Numbers List complex issues for authors in the editorial process of a manuscript is deciding when and why to write to the editors of a journal. First of all, we must bear in mind that many editors (and the publication staff such as associate editors, Chile Phone Numbers List monograph coordinators, members of the Scientific Council, technical staff, etc.) often share the activity of the journal with their teaching, administrative, and communication obligations.

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