that we can select, whether or not they coincide with the keywords in our article, trying to find the greatest possible impact. The School of Authors of India WhatsApp Number List Communicating insists on the importance of the keywords that we select in each article, since they identify us as researchers, present our interests to other scholars and define the quality and coherence of our research India WhatsApp Number List trajectory. The keywords make up, together with the title and the abstract, the metadata of an article, and therefore constitute the “Business Card” of a scientific publication. Image 1.png The author of a scientific India WhatsApp Number List article must sharpen his senses and his India WhatsApp Number List research skills to be correct when selecting the terms that best describe.

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the subject of his work and, above all, the peculiarity of his India WhatsApp Number List contribution . In this sense, the selection of keywords should be done reflectively, slowly and thinking about the reader of the work, since they define the content of the article. This aspect is extremely India WhatsApp Number List important if we want our article to be found by other researchers in our field of knowledge, because in this way we ensure its India WhatsApp Number List dissemination and, of course, its impact on the scientific community . At the same time, keywords constitute a search India WhatsApp Number List tool for scientific works that every researcher must know how to use to find

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works related to the terms they have used in an efficient way India WhatsApp Number List and to be able to define a consistent theoretical framework in their work. Therefore, keywords have a double function in scientific research, they describe the main characteristics of an article , India WhatsApp Number List broadening its dissemination and, on the other hand, they allow the search and selection of the works that interest us most among the magnitude of existing scientific publications. To decide which keywords are the most appropriate for our India WhatsApp Number List article, many journals recommend a selection from among those offered by a thesaurus., since it is a list or system of organization of scientific terms that standardizes knowledge

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