I would like to ask you, is there any incidence with it? Thankful in Croatia Phone Numbers List advance for your reply. 3. Wait a reasonable time for the answer: As we have already pointed out, Croatia Phone Numbers List publishers often share this activity with others that also require a lot of attention. In this sense, a period of one week -business / work- is a sufficient period to have an answer. However, take into account the holidays and Croatia Phone Numbers List summer seasons in the publisher’s country of residence. 4. In case of co-authorship, check with the author for correspondence (APC): Another problem that often occurs in the case of co-authorship is that the Croatia Phone Numbers List journal has kept the author informed about the evaluation process.

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He has declared as APC ( Corresponding Author ) and he Croatia Phone Numbers List has not shared the information with his colleagues. In this way, it is always recommended that the Croatia Phone Numbers List author declared as APC handles all correspondence with the publisher from the same email account with which Croatia Phone Numbers List he registered in the system. 5. Do not put a copy of your message to all members of the publication: Correspondence with the editor must be solely and exclusively to the email address indicated by the journal for Croatia Phone Numbers List these cases. In the case of Comunicar Magazine, all inquiries should be made to director

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Use the means provided to communicate with the editors: Croatia Phone Numbers List Some manuscript management platforms allow inquiries to the journal staff. In these cases, only use external mail when the editor has not answered you after a reasonable time. Taking into consideration the 6 recommendations in Croatia Phone Numbers List reference, we will present by way of example – but not limited to – normal cases of correspondence with editors: Exceeding the time limit declared by the publication for the review of manuscripts. In the case of the Croatia Phone Numbers List Journal, the limit for the editorial estimate / rejection does not exceed 30 days

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