positions and approaches are disseminated that are challenged or North Korea Email List refuted in a much more dynamic and immediate way. It is a way to disseminate and share knowledge, collaborative learning, participatory culture, open science. In this sense, Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia, is an North Korea Email List example of massive collaboration to be the receptacle of universal knowledge. Obviously, a good researcher is aware that not everything that is read is useful or necessary. The sources must be reliable, North Korea Email List they must be contrasted and conveniently cited. Hence, the readings made in scientific journals, books and other indexed publications are of greater prestige and are considered to be of greater solvency than these other North Korea Email List ways of accessing knowledge.

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Wikipedia, Facebook or Twiter, among others, are formed as sources North Korea Email List that are usually rabidly current, open, and free. However, they are also very North Korea Email List biased, or very generalist. But they should not be neglected, logically, using them with due rigor and system. That is, never a North Korea Email List single source, nor a secondary or non-contrast source can be the main one. .of a scientific work. A rich and diverse reading, with all the possible readings of the subject in question, provides the appropriate wickers to weave the fabric North Korea Email List of a significant contribution and contribution to knowledge.

North Korea Email List
The appointment as an indicator of quality Rafael Repiso | North Korea Email List de-autores-129 The citation has been associated from very early with the quality of the works , since it is a hypertextual element that comes from a recognition of authority that the North Korea Email List author of a work makes to other previous works. In the fact of referencing a previous work, it is North Korea Email List recognized that it has helped to build a new work (we will not go into whether there are positive quotes or critical quotes, because both are a stimulus for creation). An example of the importance of the appointment in the world of communication North Korea Email List and scientific evaluation is that most of the bibliometric indicators that seek to measure the scientific

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