an index has been generated in two fields of specialty: Education Bolivia Phone Numbers List and Communication, in order to promote a better knowledge of this database for authors and researchers with its measured impact factor and, therefore, its quartile and percentile, in addition to the Bolivia Phone Numbers List regional classification by countries: . WoS The objective of this work is to increase the knowledge of this “second division” of Bolivia Phone Numbers List journals, as well as to contribute an external vision to the product, increasing the transparency of the tool and encouraging authors and editors to obtain a greater knowledge of the journals of the categories of ESCI Education and Communication. The data has been calculated according to the citations received by Bolivia Phone Numbers List the articles in the Web of Science Core Collection.

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The data loading and calculation was carried out in April 2018, therefore, although the data to obtain the indicators are already published, they are still subject to corrections and modifications by the Web of Science. “Communicate” has no relationship with Bolivia Phone Numbers List Analytics and, therefore, this document has no official value. In this same direction and policy of information and training for authors of scientific manuscripts, “Bolivia Phone Numbers List ” has had this blog “Escuela de Autores” for two years now, published in Spanish, English and Portuguese. It also offers on its official website a section with the Spanish journals JCR, Scopus (Bolivia Phone Numbers List ), Scopus

Bolivia Phone Numbers List

H Index), from the areas of Communication, Education and Cultural Bolivia Phone Numbers List Studies in addition to the complete list of JCR journals as well as a meta-rankings with the main indexers in Spanish journals. Talking about emerging themes and research topics is to put the sore in one of the Bolivia Phone Numbers List main parameters that must be taken into account if you want to publish in high-impact journals. The impact index worries the authors, they always want to publish in the best positioned journals and, therefore, with a higher impact index, but it also worries the journals because it is the way in which they are classified and placed in Bolivia Phone Numbers List a most relevant place in the ranking of your area.

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