something, we therefore accept the premise that writing well means Reunion Saint Helena Email List Email Lists knowing how to communicate adequately. Communication, information exchange and knowledge production have been and are essential activities in human interaction. Writing a scientific article implies different basic objectives, among which Saint Helena Email List is the desire that the scientific contribution helps other colleagues to advance, add to the thoughts and concerns of others, illuminate consciences and project new fields of research. Currently, writing implies the expectation of being read – so far nothing changes with respect to the past – but, under the protection of the new communicative possibilities that ICT Saint Helena Email List provide us,

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the act of writing becomes an act of multiple interactions, establishing a Saint Helena Email List range of possible communication flows: in social networks, posts, emails to colleagues, academic networks, repositories, etc. Thus, the act of writing becomes an Saint Helena Email List act of creating a personal brand for the academic, the vehicle with which he becomes a renowned author. Therefore, it is necessary to put ourselves in the place of the reader if we want to be read. Write to be read , 6 essential tips Homogenize the style of the text : verb tenses, Saint Helena Email List person of verbs, etc. They give a sense of order and continuity, which is why it invites you to

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continue reading. Less is more , Ockham’s rule, baroque writing is not Saint Helena Email List synonymous with good writing but more convoluted, less clear. If the reader does not understand, give up. Neatness in the language , which only communicates when it conveys what it wants to say. To avoid , passives, detours, redundancies. If the reader gets bored, quit. Clarity in the argumentation , Saint Helena Email List academic or methodological excess or the use of abundant technicalities that build an impossible discourse is not appropriate. If we overwhelm the reader, they will give up following us. Correction in the writing , cultured connectors, appropriate Saint Helena Email List expressions, good use of punctuation, are elements that tell the

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