since the enrichment of the study will depend on these. Moreover, these references become the axis of discussion, ratification and / or scientific advance, Yemen Email List being considered a necessary element for the contextualization of the research. This post examines the relevance of the list of references in scientific publications, taking the academic-deontological criterion as a fundamental Yemen Email List axis. A debt to knowledge As researchers, the first step in initiating an investigation is to recognize the sources, while we are faced with a basic intellectual debt of reciprocity. Indeed, every project or study is based on a Yemen Email List question that, in turn, is based on an event or phenomenon.

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This concern, despite its innovative nature, can (and should) be fed Yemen Email List with expert judgment, reporting the work of previous authors in the area in question. That is, we start from a point of ethical consideration, where the set of previous research provides a historical background to the object of study in particular and to scientific advance in general. It is essential, therefore, not only Yemen Email List to give credit to the proposals, but to the knowledge that precedes us. Selection with diligence and precision The sources you choose will talk about you. In a review process, the study will be submitted to the competent criteria Yemen Email List of researchers linked to the proposed approach. In other words,

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the quotes that make up the work may become a reason for praise Yemen Email List or, failing that, for intellectual laziness. In fact, in the scientific estimation process, the evaluators will put the theoretical disposition to trial, taking care not only and necessarily of its extension, writing Yemen Email List or argumentation, but also of the quality and conceptual solidity. Therefore, ignorance about the subject does not constitute an impediment to the search and collection of reference studies / authors, but rather a motivating game for learning. Checking self-citations and plagiarism It is important to emphasize the already debated and necessary Yemen Email List work to avoid plagiarism and self-plagiarism,

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