Indexed journals with a high level of international visibility Australia WhatsApp Number List and with a high impact of their work preferably publish research results on their thematic focuses, which are usually specialized. In addition, some periodicals admit other types of work such as reports, Australia WhatsApp Number List studies and proposals, as well as select literature reviews (state-of-the-art articles). In any case, the works must always Australia WhatsApp Number List be original, not have been published in any medium, nor be in the process of publication, being the responsibility of their authors who sign this commitment. write articles The contributions, in terms of type, Australia WhatsApp Number List generally accepted by indexed scientific journals are: Research , that is, research results of a qualitative

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quantitative nature, with the classic structure of scientific manuscripts: Introduction (literature review), Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and References. Australia WhatsApp Number List Reviews , that is, an exhaustive state of the art on a recent and current research topic in which the selective bibliography that usually revolves around 100 works is valued above all. They are usually works carried Australia WhatsApp Number List out by leading researchers on the subject, which serve as the basis for further studies. Reports and Studies , with a more flexible structure in their approaches since they do not properly propose empirical research Australia WhatsApp Number List results, but rather are reflective analyzes, content studies, data collection … Proposals

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. This section is less common, but it is also covered in some journals to collect more open works, essentially focused on prospects, always based on extensive Australia WhatsApp Number List reviews of scientific literature. Experiences . This section is not frequent in many scientific journals and is more typical of informative or professional journals where descriptions of “good practices” are collected. Content-Writing-Australia WhatsApp Number List addition, many publications also have thematic sections, where the manuscripts are organized. Thus, compared to the free-themed magazines, others have a periodic monographic section, previously Australia WhatsApp Number List planned, with a public call to send articles through the popular “call for papers”

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