research institutions and their associated researchers from 230 countries around the world. SciVal enables you to visualize your research performance, compare with your peers, develop strategic partnerships, identify and analyze new emerging research trends, and create uniquely customized reports. Advantages of both Today’s research landscape requires researchers Reunion Email Lists and institutions to continually develop more effective ways to inform research strategy and evaluate research activities. Using advanced data analytics (bigdata) and supercomputer technology, these services can process large amounts of data to generate powerful analytics and visualizations on demand. In addition, they allow you to evaluate your own research activities and that of the

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scientific community, from a variety of perspectives to help you develop, execute and evaluate strategies based on reliable evidence. For example, Reunion Email Lists , have an intuitive interface that allows you to instantly analyze more than 50 million publication records from more than Reunion Email Lists journals from more than 5,000 publishers worldwide. With access to more than 280 trillion metric values, allowing us to quickly provide context for analysis and generate powerful data visualizations to inform your scientific research decision-making processes. Disadvantage It is important to highlight that both services are commercial, although of very good quality, the level Reunion Email Lists of access of developing countries is

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very limited, so, in another entry, I will address complementary Reunion Email Lists and alternative free access services. By last… There are also services and trend reports that, although they are not always based on scientific information, help to glimpse the advances in ICT that will have an impact on education and society in the short, medium and long term. I am referring to the NMC Horizon Report Reunion Email Lists (New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative) and Innovating Pedagogy (by the Open Reunion Email Lists University in collaboration with the Center for the Science of Learning & Technology, University of Bergen, Norway)Starting from the fact Reunion Email Lists that the act of writing underlies the need to communicate

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