Without detracting from the rest of the types and formats Swaziland Email List of articles -all valuable, each one in its genre and for the type of readers to which they are intended- it Swaziland Email List must be taken into account that magazine-digital-grammy sfoxfor an article to be considered as scientific it must have a Swaziland Email List series of characteristics and respond to a motive. Although these do not always have to be experimental, since it can be about informing about new knowledge, it does have to be about a research Swaziland Email List report or scientific communication. The scientific article has a series of characteristics, among them,

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the fact that it has to be original (it communicates the result of an Swaziland Email List investigation for the first time), that is, to contribute something new to the field of study in which the subject matter is inserted. in this. The results that are presented must be valid and reliable, must be written in clear and precise language and, above all, use a methodology with instruments and procedures that have Swaziland Email List been shown to be scientifically valid, regardless of the fact that the research carried out a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methodology is followed. The scientific article has to go through a review process, so the journal in Swaziland Email List which it is published has to be a peer-reviewed scientific journal that uses an

Swaziland Email List

external peer-review system, prior to acceptance and publication. Swaziland Email List of the manuscript, which helps to ensure the relevance of the article and the value of your contribution. We also have to bear in mind that the main purpose of the scientific article is to share the results Swaziland Email List obtained, through the research carried out, with the scientific community so that they can be known and contrasted. For this, all the necessary information that allows to reproduce the results that have been found must be clearly Swaziland Email List exposed in the body of the manuscript. The scientific article reports the results of an investigation, therefore it must follow a standardized scientific manuscript structure (scientific writing

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