considering the contributions that are happening, the most cited articles, Armenia Email List new topics, discussions, etc. It places us in the universe of publications and their protocols. And, consequently, it shows us the main publications and what they demand or disseminate One of the keys to publishing is the consideration of the topic, the research method used, and the object Armenia Email List of the study or approach. In this way, it is relatively easy to decide where to publish if we consider the objectives and scope of the journal to which we have set out to send. It is usually very clear in the structure of the magazine. Failure to attend to it is one of the main causes of rejection of an article, giving a vision that whoever sends the text Armenia Email List does not know the magazine or has not taken its approach and identity very seriously.

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. In the process of knowing the scientific journal, it is also essential to take into Armenia Email List account the regulations, which can be a relevant indicator to decide if a good choice has been made. Aspects related to authorship, affiliation, manuscript extension, formal requirements, citation regulations, how to treat figures and graphics, abstract, keywords, among others, are Armenia Email List not minor issues. Many articles are rejected because they have not met these requirements, which are easy to estimate, if they are previously known and their compliance is checked. To publish in a scientific journal, you have to start from an exercise Armenia Email List of honesty, regarding the level of the manuscript you want to send.

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In recent years the pressure to publish in impact magazines has Armenia Email List generated many situations that have nothing to do with the spirit of science and quality publication. Hence, the consideration of impact, legitimate in any case, must be taken into account once the Armenia Email List structure and scope of the chosen journal, its regulations, requirements, and logically the level of the publishable text have been analyzed. Tweet Compartir Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article The new JCR 2020 has just been published and its Armenia Email List novelty is not only that it includes the new data update, but also that it has considerably reconfigured

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