and Anglo-Saxon fields, since the lingua franca with a great Kazakhstan Phone Number List difference is English and technical studies -Sanitary are the most powerful at the international level. In the Kazakhstan Phone Number List Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics), the most reputable index worldwide this year has Kazakhstan Phone Number List Spanish journals, of which only 5 have the honor 2) European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal COMMUNICATE Kazakhstan Phone Number List (Communication / Education), 4) Complutense Mathematical Magazine; 5) European Journal for Philosophy of Science. These are, without a doubt, the top magazines of Spanish science. Among them is “Kazakhstan Phone Number List ” the only journal in Social Sciences that maintains its status in this select group.

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the second high-level and internationally prestigious Kazakhstan Phone Number List database, has two indicators: the Cite Score and the SJR (Scimago Journal Ranking). In this portal we currently Kazakhstan Phone Number List have 514 Spanish journals of the 28,606 that are in the database in 2016 (only 1.79% are Spanish, a quite small percentage of the potential of science in our country). Of these, in total , this means that only Kazakhstan Phone Number List journals in the world are Spanish, a really low and significant percentage of the scientific editorial fabric of our country and the support of the administrations and the research community to them. SJR-02 “Kazakhstan Phone Number List

Kazakhstan Phone Number List

” reaches the 7th position of the existing Kazakhstan Phone Number List and is the only one that maintains the Q1 in three different areas: Communication Q1, Education Q1 and Cultural Studies Q1. In short, our Kazakhstan Phone Number List country must continue fighting to position its science in the most visible and impactful magazines in the world. Th Administration, the Universities and the Spanish research community have a lot to say Kazakhstan Phone Number List and still have to do. In the current panorama of metrics that measure our scientific production, traditional and alternative metrics , it is confusing and, at times, overwhelming to be able to interpret or know so many indices Kazakhstan Phone Number List and indicators that measure and justify the assessment

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